TEMPOS is a contemporary circus troupe that combines elements of physical theatre, dance, and acrobatics. As an ensemble, we strive to create a tension between fluid, rhythmic movement and dynamic, static postures. Like good music, there are moments of quiet shaped by rhythm and melody.



Acrobat, dancer, clown, and physical theater performer: Kraig has performed as an evil scientist, a 10 foot alien, a dissatisfied KGB agent, a deformed outcast, and many others, but never the good guy, or the romantic lead, or even the funny sidekick. Now that he is the art director, he says he is going to cast himself in all three roles at once.


Intense, caring, supportive and strong. Angela absolutely loves pushing her physical edge. She is a work hard, play harder type of person. Both an acrobat and an aerialist, she absolutely loves creating with Tempos.

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With a playful energy based upon layers of hard work, handstands, and dance, Diamond has a deep passion for life and the AcroYoga practice. After fueling his love for Jewelry fabrication and outdoor sports in Idaho, his journey into the integrated movement arts started in 2007 when he found the seeds of his Yoga Practice in Portland, OR with a more focused background in Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga, Medical Qi-Gong, Kung Fu and Dance expression. In his life and AcroYoga classes you will get a semblance of that childlike curiosity, balanced with a depth of technical information, that fuel’s the spark of what truly makes you joyful in this human experience


Balance, flexibility and overcoming fears - these are what draw Leah to acrobatic movement. She has been practicing yoga for a decade, and loves how Acro Yoga and partner stunting synthesizes that groundedness with the energy of flight. She is a former member of Kazum Circus Troupe, and joined the original Tempos shortly thereafter. Having taken a year away to travel, she is happy to be back in Tempos for the opportunity to feel her artistic edges and shine her light.


Comes to Tempos after years of rock climbing and with a background in partner acrobatics, acroyoga, Capoeira and dancing the night rotten. With a passion for making movement with troupe members cooperatively graceful, Brian loves bicycling to every Tempos rehearsal with the knowledge he and the troupe are learning to fly...and that Portland's best burger will surely find its way to him after a hard training session.


With a background in dance, Zena fell in love with physical theatre at UCSC. She directed several shows there ranging from a dance theatre history of Easter Island performed in a barn to a dinosaur parade complete with 20 ft puppets and a meteor collision.  She has been studying aerial arts since 2008 and fallen in love with the way TEMPOS melds circus arts and storytelling. Zena is also a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She loves to help people enjoy life to the fullest by preventing  pain.



loves long walks on the beach, dinners by candle light aaaand singing, dancing, hardstanding, acrobatics and fun!  She joined Tempos at the end of 2016 and is happy to be exploring the world of performing after a long hiatus.  Rhiannon is inspired by the other members of the group and approaches training and creating with them with enthusiasm.  She is thoroughly excited to fill whatever roll is called for; base, mid, innocent bystander, violin player,  and flying high whenever possible!

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Yoga therapist, acrobat, athlete and hip hopper. Rachel loves to move and is pretty much up for anything as long as a partner is involved. She teaches yoga and AcroYoga and is one of the co-creators of unfold yoga studio. She offers a calm and focused presence to this creative and off the wall group. (who she loves dearly!)